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The African Petroleum Producers’ Organization APPO (formerly African Petroleum Producers’ Association APPA) was created on January 27, 1987 to serve as a platform for cooperation and harmonization of efforts, collaboration, sharing of knowledge and skills among African oil producing countries. APPO is a vehicle for mitigating the continent’s overdependence on external technology and markets for their crude oil. The Headquarters of the organization is in Brazzaville, the Republic of Congo. The Organization changed its name from African Petroleum Producers Association (APPA) to African Petroleum Producers Organization (APPO) in 2017.

One of the highest decision making bodies of the organisation is the Council of Ministers. In 2017, there was an extra-ordinary meeting of the Council of Minister, that took far reaching decision that repositioned the organisation for the 21st century. Brevity Anderson was honoured to have been selected to work with local authorities to help organise this historic meeting.

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