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Date: 16th - 20th APRIL 2023

BREVITY ANDERSON UK in partnership with Blé Global UK, are pleased to present the 2nd edition of the Energy Idea Lab at the 6th edition of the Nigeria International Energy Summit 2023.

An Energy Idea Pavilion at N.I.E.S 2023; A showcase of Ideas for Cleaner Fuels

This is a call out to all; Educational Institutions, Youth Programmes, STEAM Programmes, Incubators and inventors!

Our Vision

NIES Energy Idea Lab was launched at the 5th Edition of the Nigeria International Energy Summit – the official Energy Trade event for the Federal Republic of Nigeria in February 2022.

The programme is designed to inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs to embrace the challenge of net zero and help deliver a step change in performance. This programme will contribute to the growth and development of the energy ecosystem and entrepreneurship in Nigeria.

Our vision is that this programme will accelerate game-changing companies, creating start-ups with technologies for cleaner fuels, support start-ups to validate and commercialise exciting new technology ideas and providing them unique opportunities via personalized readiness programmes.


The Energy Idea Pavilion showcases 10 innovative ideas for cleaner fuels. Each innovator will retain their Intellectual Property as our ultimate goal is to create opportunities for economic empowerment for our Youth. We would like to offer the platform every year for Youths in Nigeria and Pan Africa to showcase their innovations.

The programme spans:

A clean growth accelerator programme
The creation of an effective entrepreneur pipeline,
A female founder programme and
An incubator/scale up programme.

The programme aims to also identify, develop and deploy advanced and integrated digital solutions that will support the Nigerian energy sector’s transition to cleaner fuels.

We seek partners to offer:
Product Development
Trade (local, national and international)
  • To fund 10 Youths to exhibit at the Pavilion
  • The cost of the pavilion
  • Their travel and logistics to and from Abuja
  • Their Accommodation in Abuja
  • Their feeding during the conference
  • Their conference tickets

In return we will promote partners’ branding at the pavilion and include them in the annual N.I.E.S Education Programme.

How to Enter

Prepare a 5 minutes video – landscape orientation

Context and format:

  • Introduction – Your full name, company/institution name, location
  • A bit about you the inventor
  • Your product offering: show your product, talk us through the solution on offer/problem being solved
  • Current stage of product
  • Product plan and expectations from the event
  • Contact details

Please save file name as “FULLNAME”

Upload to shared drive or private video channel

Share downloadable video link

Prepare an accompanied full text article/research and feasibility study on your product/solution.
Send to


All entries must be submitted by 5pm (WAT), Friday 17th of March 2023. Any entries received after this time will not be considered for the showcase.

The Top 10 entries will be announced by 5pm on Friday 31st of March 2023. Details will be published on our website and via our Social Media channels.

There will also be a waiting list of a further 3 entries.

All successful offers must be accepted and confirmed by 3pm WAT, Friday 24th March 2023, after which the offer will be withdrawn and reassigned to the next candidate on the waiting list.

If selected, you will be required to bring your product/solution to ICC Abuja to showcase in the N.I.E.S Youth Idea Lab.

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